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February 6, 2013

Updated links on Act-Labs Force RS Drivers for Vista and Windows 7 page.

News Archive

Nov 02 10 Updated Act-Labs Force RS Drivers for Vista and Windows 7 page with additional drivers.
Apr 23 10 Added a page on Act-Labs Force RS Drivers for Vista and Windows 7.
May 12 09 Griff has converted Golden Sands Speedway for use in rFactor. The rFactor version can be downloaded here.
May 31 08 I've completely redesigned the site and moved it to a new host and address. Please update your bookmarks and links. I hope you like the changes. In addition to the new look, I've added a discussion forum you can sign up for to talk with others and comment on pages. I also went through the content on all of the pages and updated them as needed.
Mar 25 05 Added a new paint job to the cars page.
Mar 24 05 Added a replays page with video clips from my replays. Also added a game description for GPL.
Feb 25 05 Redid some pages, fixed some broken links. Added a new paint job. Added Sunshine Speedway and a night version of Thunder Road. Added a page for my team, DRT.
May 16 04 Redid some pages, all of my tracks are also available directly from this site now.
Jan 28 04 New version 2.0 of Golden Sands added.
Nov 02 03 Added an AI update for Atlanta 1997.
Oct 25 03 Redesigned all pages, added a links page, gave tracks its own page, and added an editing page.
Jul 03 03 Finished and released Atlanta 1997.
May 20 03 Added AI update for Thunder Road and Golden Sands and .stp templates for creating track .stp files.
Apr 26 03 Finished and released Thunder Road.
Mar 26 03 Finished and released N2003 update for Golden Sands.
Nov 08 02 Version 1.0 of Golden Sands Speedway released.
Aug 06 02 Updated Michigan - High Banked.
Jul 02 02 Track.ini guide and setup guide added.
May 31 02 Michigan - High Banked released.
Oct 25 01 Website opened.

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