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Bull's Eye/Tri-City History

I have compiled quotes from a few different internet sources on the history of the courses and the course architects.

Course History

"Mr. George W. Mead owned about 100 acres of land facing the Wisconsin River about three miles south of the east side of Wisconsin Rapids. He offered to lease this land to an organized Country Club and this suggestion resulted in the organizing of the club under this title during the early summer of 1922. The grounds were put into shape and formal opening of the golf course of nine holes was held August 26, 1922. The field [was] acquired by the club from Mr. Mead and another nine holes [were] added" []

This second nine was completed in 1927.

"'During the Depression, Bull's Eye couldn't afford to run the "second nine" and closed it down', Don [Farrish] said. So he and Mead's son-in-law, Henry Baldwin, started the Tri-City Golf Course." [ - Article no longer available]

Tri-City opened as a 9 hole course in 1934. The back 9 at Bull's Eye was later restored after the great depression was over. Today Tri-City is owned by Bull's Eye and run as a 9 hole public course.

About the Architect

Leonard Macomber was the architect of Bull's Eye CC. The complete 18 holes were finished in 1927.

"Virtually all of Leonard Macomber's known work was done in the mid to late 1920's. Macomber was born in 1885 in Brookline, MA. He was a civil engineer who worked for the Carter Seeds Company. During this time he assisted in the construction and "grow-in" of courses by such luminary architects as A.W. Tillinghast, Donald Ross, and C. B. Macdonald. His background and love of golf also led him to publish a monthly bulletin devoted to turfgrass, which was called The Golf Course.

After the World War Macomber moved to Chicago and established his own golf course architectural firm. He eventually tried to branch out into the design and construction of airports, however, the depression quickly brought an end to that venture.

In 1937 he went to Russia to try to interest that country in building golf courses but the trip was not successful. Undismayed, he went to another virgin golf territory, South America, and reportedly laid out several courses for clients.

In 1954 Macomber designed Belle Haven CC in Alexandria, VA. During an inspection visit he became stricken and died in a local hospital.

Several of the courses designed by Macomber no longer exist. Among them are two named National Town & CC. One was in Florida, the other in Ohio. Three Illinois layouts, Breakers Beach CC, Mission Hills CC, and Waukegan Willow CC are also on the 'no longer exists' list.

Other Macomber designs include Biltmore CC, Cedardell GC, Libertyville CC, and the Silver Lake (North) GC, which was formerly known as Euclid Hill CC. All of these are Illinois clubs.

In Wisconsin he did Bulls Eye CC, Maple Crest CC, and Twin Lakes CC. A quartet of Ohio facilities include Poland CC, Tam O'Shanter (both Dales and Dunes), West Hills CC, as well as the aforementioned National Town & CC. Two additional designs by Macomber were Curtis Creek CC in Indiana and Drumlins GC in New York." [ - Article no longer available]

The WSGA lists Roger Packard as the architect of Tri-City. I have no further information on this. Most sites don't even give a name for the architect.

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