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Bull's Eye Country Club

Bull's Eye 15th Hole Tee Shot



Bull's Eye Country Club (21.6 MB)



Course Info

Architect: Leonard Macomber
Year Built: 1927

Bull's Eye Scorecard

Bull's Eye Country Club is a real private course located in Wisconsin Rapids, WI. It plays as a par 72, 6,622 yards long.

History of the Course and the Architect


Notes About This Rendition

I began work on the plot of the course back in July 2004. By the end of the month I had finished laying out the holes and creating the major elevation changes. At that time I set it aside to work on Wisconsin River GC again. I began work on this course again in May 2005 and completed it in August 2005.

This is the first real course I have done that I haven't actually played in real life. This rendition is based mainly on satellite pictures, topo info and course pictures. The green contours are my own work because I didn't have good enough pictures to recreate them. The exception to this is 8 and 9. I was able to create more accurate green contours for these greens thanks to the TV coverage of the Channel 7 / K-tech Golf Invitational held there in July of 2004.

Typical tournament conditions –

Rough: Long
Wind: Breezy
Greens: Dry

These conditions are based on the 2004 Channel 7 / K-tech Golf Invitational. In case you're interested, 5 under par won that 36 hole tournament, here are the rest of the results.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some pins may play unfair in VERY DRY conditions. So play very dry conditions at YOUR OWN RISK and don't blame me if you make quintuple bogey on the x-th hole because I warned you!

The splash screen is a picture of the 15th hole tee shot.

The music is one of the stock music files from the original FPS: Golf game.

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