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BrianZ's Golf Course Design Resource

Completed Courses

This is a list of my completed courses. Choose a course to view the project details and download it.

WGC 2011 / Simulators

Course Date Type Availability
Bull's Eye Country Club; Tri-City Golf Course 11/14/17 Real WGC 2011
Martindale Country Club 10/28/13 Real P3ProSwing
The Ridges Golf Course 2/4/13 Real WGC 2011; possibly some Red Chain software based simulators

PGA 2000

Course Date Type
Peninsula State Park Golf Course 12/27/11 Real
Pagoda Country Club 2/22/09 Real
The Ridges Golf Course 1/17/08 Real
Bull's Eye Country Club 8/25/05 Real
Tri-City Golf Course 8/25/05 Real
Wisconsin River Golf Club 12/29/04 Real
Homestead Supper and Country Club 1/15/03 Real
Crystal Lake Country Club 1/10/03 Fictional


Course Date Type
Old Blue River Country Club 1/13/00 Fictional
Waterview Golf Club 5/9/99 Fictional
Tree Acres Golf Course 7/9/96 Real

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